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A New Era

Lara Boglione

“Petersham Nurseries has created a place of calm where you can reconnect with nature, restoring a sense of balance and space. By celebrating aspects of the home, garden and food, we offer a destination that encourages you to step back and embrace a lifestyle of positive living.”

The Next Generation

In recent years, Gael and Francesco have encouraged their children, Petersham’s next generation, to step forward, forging a future for the nurseries and Petersham offshoots.

The growth and success of Petersham Nurseries in recent years can be attributed to the ideas and determination of eldest daughter, Lara Boglione.

Taking the reins in 2011 as Managing Director, she has seamlessly woven her personal vision in strengthening the company’s philosophy and has been the driving force behind the development of the nurseries.

Spending several years travelling in India, Lara along with her father Francesco developed the Shop’s international buying links – sourcing the ‘Mysore’ paintings and the Indian blinds that hang throughout the nursery; building relationships with the village community that produces the terracotta pots, granite pillars and zinc tables; and closer to home sourcing glass in Murano, olive oils and Sicilian crockery.

Petersham Nurseries In Floral Court

Lara Boglione is the creative visionary behind bringing Petersham Nurseries to Covent Garden, whilst remaining actively involved in all aspects of the business to ensure brand values are maintained.

Today she leads a growing aspirational brand, inspired by nature, her family’s Italian heritage and their principles of sustainability and ‘slow living’.

Petersham Cellar

In 2013, Lara and her now husband Giovanni Mazzei – of Marchesi Mazzei, founded and established Petersham Cellar, an Italian wine merchant, which promotes an ever-evolving selection of hand-picked Italian wines.

Wines are served at the restaurants in Richmond and Covent Garden as well as being available to purchase for home consumption at the Delicatessen in Covent Garden. Wine tastings and dinners are held regularly in both Richmond and Covent Garden.

A wider range of over 1000 wines are now available online at This is a carefully sourced, ever-evolving selection of fine and rare wines from the most incredible regions of the world.

The Petersham Family