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The Gut is an evolving retreat and event based company, bringing holistic and wellness topics to the table for discussion.

Re-Connect at The Petersham

The Petersham, Covent Garden

Following the publication of Anna Boglione’s new book Recipes To Reconnect, Anna will be hosting a series of events called Re-connect at The Petersham in Covent Garden. Anna will invite speakers and chefs who feature in her book, as well as new guests, to discuss, divulge and dissect topics related to planetary and human health. Each event will take place around a four-course menu specially designed for the evening by an exciting and acclaimed chef.

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The Gut – A wellness platform

THE GUT is a wellness platform curated by Anna Boglione, the daughter of Petersham Nurseries founders Gael and Francesco. THE GUT looks at the interconnection of planetary and human health to encourage healthy living and offline healing. Through spiritually and scientifically rooted practices, such as yoga, breathwork, nutrition and mediation, they hope to help reconnect individuals with themselves, their surroundings and nature, inspire change and ignite curiosity.

Talks, retreats, workshops, sound and dining experiences are held at London locations including Petersham House in Richmond, whilst abroad retreats include alpine cabins and Portuguese beach houses. Each retreat is carefully crafted with an underlining focus, from our microbiome to our connection to nature, they draw upon our diverse networks of practitioners to bring each event to life.

Recipes to Reconnect

We are pleased to announce the launch of Anna Boglione’s book ‘Recipes To Reconnect’: Food and conversations to re-establish the relationship between nature, an inspiring read featuring a beautiful collection of recipes.

Four seasonal chapters, each includes thought-provoking conversations with inspiring thinkers and writers on everything from mushrooms to microbes. Recipes from esteemed chefs are written in response to the stimulating conversations detailed in the book.

  • Watercolour Workshops

  • Sound and Cacao Workshop at Petersham House

  • The Gut Menu – cooking demonstrations and workshops

  • Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga workshops at Petersham House

  • Weekend Retreats

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