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A tranquil oasis and seedbed of inspiration.

Situated within the beautiful and tranquil setting of our Petersham Nurseries Richmond site, our Garden Nursery is the perfect destination to discover everything you need for your garden. In our seasonal department, we have a vast range of outdoor living and garden leisure products, with a friendly and knowledgeable team who are on hand to help make the most of your outdoor space.

What’s On

Seasonal Tablescaping

Every season our Garden Team in Richmond host workshops so you can design a stunning Petersham table scape that reflect the seasons and our unique style.

Click the link below for current Tablescaping Workshops

Seasonal Container Workshops

Alongside our amazing Garden Team, learn how to design and evolve your own seasonal container, a beautiful little garden perfect for terraces and small open spaces. Design and form an arrangement in our iconic Petersham style.

Click the link below for current Container Workshops

Seasonal Wreath

Not only for the winter season, but Wreaths can also be a beautiful year-round addition to the home. We host Seasonal Wreathmaking Workshops throughout the year where you can learn to hand-make your own wreath in the iconic Petersham style.

Click the link below for current Seasonal Wreath Making Workshops

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On Sunday mornings car parking spaces are prioritised for congregation of St. Peters Church.

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On Sunday mornings car parking spaces are prioritised for congregation of St. Peters Church.

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In the nursery, preparations are underway for the busy spring and summer gardening season. The new year arrives with the first intake of potted bulbs, including our favourites, such as Bridal Crown Narcissus, Muscari and delicate Snowdrops, which are perfect for naturalising into your borders or creating beautiful displays.

Later in the month, we will receive a delivery of new season potted Roses from David Austin, including fragrant climbers, ramblers and shrub roses. We stock a large range of evergreen shrubs, including floriferous Camellias and Daphnes for Winter Scent.

The Garden Shop is stocked with tools, seeds and sundries; perfect for getting you started with the gardening year. We will also have our exclusive summer flowering bulb collection, curated by Taylors of Spalding, which includes our summer favourite Dahlias.

Throughout the year, we stock a wide variety of indoor and conservatory plants. During winter we have a wide range of Citrus and fragrant indoor plants and bulbs.

In the Garden

On cold January days, we scour seed catalogues for our favourite vegetables, cutting and edible flowers, placing orders for both heirloom and organic varieties. February and March are a flurry of sowing tomatoes, herbs and edible flowers for the summer season. As temperatures warm up, we pot on our scented Pelargoniums from which we harvest the flowers and leaves for use in the kitchen during the summer months. We particularly love the variety Attar of Roses. In late March we direct-sow salads into the borders of the kitchen garden and pot up Dahlias for cutting during the summer months.



As the days get longer and warmer, we begin to see an influx of colour and interest arriving day by day. We have a wide selection of herbaceous perennials, many of which are heirloom and old-fashioned varieties. Herbs, vegetable and Tomato seedlings are readily available and a colourful range of bedding plants, including our favourite Scented Pelargoniums.

The nursery is brimming with blossoming Trees and Fruit Trees, perfect for planting in early spring. Along with our extensive Shrub range, we also stock an enticing array of Clematis and climbers.

In the Garden Shop, we have a wide selection of organic feeds and fertilizers to provide goodness for your plants, to promote optimum growth and an extensive range of peat free growing media for indoor and outdoor plants.

Our greenhouses will be filled with flowering Streptocarpus, fragrant Gardenias, delicate Ferns and a large selection of foliage plants for a charming spring display in the house.

In the Garden

April is the time to welcome an abundance of edible flowers into our dishes. Primroses, Tulip petals, Wallflowers and spring blossom provide us with a bounty of colour and freshness, we may even be lucky enough to harvest the first Borage. Later in the month we begin to sow batches of courgettes under glass to harvest both the fruit and flowers. The hives in our orchard begin to come alive, with bees actively pollinating fruit bushes and trees. In the herb garden, fresh growth comes forth and our trugs become full of aromatic gatherings, adding flavour and depth to our favourite dishes.



As the gardening season reaches full crescendo, our plant benches are a riot of colour, showcasing a fine array of British grown plants. During the summer months, we stock an extensive collection of Salvias, Geraniums, Dahlias and many other herbaceous perennials, to create a beautiful summer border, buzzing with beneficial insects. Not, forgetting the darker parts of the garden, we sell many Ferns by variety and other plants that will thrive in shade. We have a full catalogue of Roses by the beginning of June, which includes many fragrant, old-fashioned varieties. For container planting, we offer colourful Pelargoniums, tumbling Petunias and fragrant Nemesia. Unusual Alpines and succulents provide the perfect solution for potting in smaller gardens, in addition to our favourite Mexican Daisy or Erigeron karvinskianus.

The Garden Shop offers a range of artisan and vintage gardening tools, including hand forged Japanese secateurs, perfect for cutting your prized blooms for a vase. Our seed collections include an extensive range of evocatively named annuals and vegetables, to sow for late summer harvests. An array of interesting and patinated antique watering cans are readily available for the water-wise gardener.

During the hot summer, we have many interesting specimens of succulents, aloes and cactus plants for hot conservatories and internal spaces.

In the Garden

The June harvest is plentiful with salad crops, as our spring sowings are ready for picking. Rocket, butterheads and leafy greens are cut daily, and the first broad beans and peas are collected to adorn flower strewn dishes. Chef’s gather Cornflowers, Calendula, Nigella, Roses and other edible flowers to decorate cakes and cocktails. After weeks of waiting, we begin the harvest of our first tomato crops, which are hastily fashioned into a salad with freshly picked Basil from the kitchen garden. In late summer we sow Chicories and winter salads and make plans for the harvesting season ahead.



The arrival of late Summer sees the arrival of warm oranges, deep reds and dancing grasses on the nursery. Herbaceous perennials that we love, include Rudbeckias, Heleniums and Japanese Anemones, which are readily available for planting in both borders and large containers. The first Cyclamen and Heathers adorn the plant benches at the end of September, along with several cultivars and colours of Pansy and Violas, perfect for both edible flowers and containers. As our Dahlias reach their stride, we sell cut bunches to bring some joy to the kitchen table.

In the Garden Shop, the spring bulb planting season gains momentum and our bespoke collection from Taylors of Spalding will be available, featuring a classic range of Tulips, Narcissus and Alliums. In preparation for clearing the garden after the first frosts and leaf fall, we sell biodegradable leaf mulching sacks, large tined leaf rakes and besom brooms. Autumn is the perfect time to get ahead of the sowing game for next year, so don’t forget to visit our Seed Library to view our full collection.

As we prepare for the winter months, we have a wide selection of houseplant pots, soils and feeds, to prepare your indoor specimens for the season ahead.

In the Garden

As September arrives, herbs are cut and hung for drying. There is a glut of fruit in the orchard and a frenzy of pickling and preserving takes place in the kitchen. At the end of the month the last sowing of Rocket is made, as the peppery taste develops as the colder weather arrives. As we clear away the summer harvests, we sow green manures on the bare ground to enrich the soil. On sunny days we turn the compost heaps and mulch our borders with leaf mould from the previous year. As the nights draw in, we cover our most tender crops with cloches to extend the harvest.

The Team

The Team

Headed by the illustrious duo Thomas Broom-Hughes, Director of Horticulture and Edward Parkinson, our Head Gardener, they keep our Garden Shop brimming with seasonal delights, and our floristry selection wild and iconic. Alongside them are a team of green-fingered experts, bringing out the beauty in everything we do.

Join the Team

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