The Elephant Family Charity

19 April, 2022

When you arrive at Petersham Nurseries Richmond and Covent Garden you will be greeted by magnificent life-sized elephant sculptures made from dried plant fibres, a symbol of our long-standing relationship with the Elephant Family charity, alongside an accompanying Afternoon Tea that helped raise £60,000 for a worthy cause. 


The Elephant Family Charity is dedicated to building landscapes that allow humans and wildlife to live in peaceful CoExistence. The charity’s new environmental art campaign, CoExistence, offers a creative solution to one of this century’s greatest issues – lack of space. Its focus is for people and wildlife to live closer together than ever before and to ensure that both thrive. It tells the story of our overpopulated planet, the effect of human encroachment on wild spaces and the inspiring ways we can coexist with all other living beings to benefit all of us.

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