Save Our Restaurant


Save Our Restaurant

We are campaigning to Save Our Restaurant ahead of the Public Inquiry into our evening opening hours in early July. Now we need your help. There is still time to write in support of Petersham – before the end of May. Tell us what you love about Petersham Nurseries so we can show what coming here means to you, the benefits it brings to the local area and why this is a destination all of us should be supporting.

Calling on you for Support  

We need your help to show support for Petersham Nurseries and Save Our Restaurant by signing our petition and writing to us below with your personal experiences of Petersham Nurseries and why our restaurant should be saved.

Save Our Restaurant

You can also show your support for our ‘Save Our Restaurant’ campaign by sharing your thoughts and photos on social media using the hashtags #SaveOurRestaurant #SaveOurJobs #SupportPetershamNurseries #PN-SaveOurRestaurant

Thank You From The Petersham Nurseries Team

Postcards From Petersham

Thousands of you have shared your heart-felt thoughts about Petersham Nurseries and why it is such a special place for you. Discover some of our favourite supporter comments.

Petersham Love Letters

Over the past few months, we have been overwhelmed with kind words from neighbours, regular guests as well as guests from all over the world who have enjoyed their time at Petersham Nurseries all in support of our Save Our Restaurant campaign.

Here we would like to share some of the wonderful letters that have been sent to us to Save Our Restaurant.

Save our Dinner Service and Protect Jobs

We have been struggling to obtain the necessary planning consents to open our restaurant in the evening for nearly two decades. In 2022, we were granted an extended licence to serve alcohol in the evening, although we are still not permitted to serve food beyond 5pm. This shows Petersham Nurseries causes no harm to the neighbourhood.

We are currently appealing against an Enforcement Notice served by Richmond Council and need your urgent support to help us save our dinner service and protect the jobs of our employees.

A little background information

Our Supper Clubs at Petersham Nurseries provide enchanting and intimate occasions to dine by candlelight in the magical setting of our greenhouses. Held throughout the year for well over a decade, our dinner events have always been in great demand and are referred to as an ethereal and unique experience.

Since 2006, we have been working with officers of Richmond Council trying to vary our current opening hours in order to offer dinner services to our customers on a more frequent and regular basis, in the same way as any other restaurant. Unfortunately, 18 years later, we remain no closer to this goal. Our negotiations have been an unusual, protracted, and expensive process. We have now received an Enforcement Notice to cease our evening operation and are currently in the process of appealing against this.

The main objection to our evening opening is the perceived noise and disturbance from staff, customers and vehicles, in having the restaurant open at night. It is important to note that we have been hosting Supper Clubs under temporary licences for more than ten years and are not aware of any complaints or notifications of noise disturbances from neighbours, or other members of the public to Richmond Council.  As suggested and agreed by Richmond Council several years ago, a thorough Evening Management Plan was put in place to ensure that there is no disturbance to our neighbours. Below are some of the measures, that you will notice when dining with us.

Evening Management Plan 

Supper Clubs are attended only by guests with an advance reservation.   Travel arrangements are suggested and agreed with guests in advance.

Customers are discouraged from driving and advised of taxi drop off/pick up location so as to avoid neighbouring roads and limit access to Petersham Nurseries directly via Church Lane.

Return journeys are organised with local taxi companies all of whom operate hybrid vehicles which have a much lower noise footprint than conventional diesel engine taxis.

Guests are collected from their table once the taxi has arrived for a swift departure.

All vehicles arriving are advised by our parking attendants to switch off vehicle lights, engines and the team assist opening and closing doors to minimise noise.

Employee incentives are used to encourage staff to travel to work via means other than car, including a bike to work scheme, annual travel passes, and company subsidised hybrid taxis for evening shifts.

Guests are asked to depart respectfully for the residential area no later than 11pm. This message is reiterated on menus, reservation confirmations and online.

As an additional mitigation measure the pedestrian entrance to the restaurant for Supper Club events was relocated to a newly built gate some 20 metres east along Church Lane. This takes the pedestrian activity further from the nearest neighbouring property than was previously the case. It also moved car parking further east to some 70 metres away from the property, compared to the previous 40-metre distance.

Upon walking through the pedestrian gate, within 13 meters, guests are taken inside the shop towards the restaurant, in turn containing the noise of guests arriving to inside the glasshouse.

No parking or vehicles are allowed beyond the small pedestrian access gate at any point during the evening.

Independent, Professional Noise and Traffic Impact Assessments  

Further to the above, our Supper Clubs have undergone regular rigorous independent car parking / traffic and noise surveys by professional consultants. The noise surveys which were carried out over multiple years, confirmed there is no adverse impact to gardens or living rooms in the nearest dwellings during the operation of the restaurant in the evening.

The results of the multiple evening transport surveys conducted clearly demonstrate that the restaurant use generates relatively little car travel in the evening. The figures show that 27% of the total attendance come by car which amounts to 21 people in 7 cars (equivalent to an average of three people per car), all of which can be accommodated on Church Lane and not impede in any way on neighbouring roads.

Petersham Nurseries Deserve Better 

Gareth Roberts, Leader of the Council, together with his officers face a difficult dilemma. When considering the impact of our evening operation on a small minority of neighbours, they must consider the following:

– The economic benefits we bring to Richmond, and London more generally, as a world-renowned destination attracting international tourists and UK visitors.

– Our position within the community, the work that we do with local organisations and charities.

– The large number of staff that we employ – 163 staff (79% of whom live within a 5-mile radius and 13% live in postcode TW10).

– Our contribution to local culture and dedicated customer-focused support.

– The enrichment opportunities that we offer, including work experience for local students.

– We are the proud holder of a Green Michelin Star in recognition of our sustainable practices, which we have held for four consecutive years (2021 to 2024)

– Winner Richmond Chamber of Commerce Best Business for Environmental Sustainability 2023.

Petersham Nurseries makes a significant positive contribution to Richmond’s visitor economy,

raising its status as an important tourist destination and cultural attraction that is unique to London.

This contribution includes significant sustainable economic benefits for the local economy including local spend,

job creation and wider spin-off benefits for local businesses.

Reminder of How You Can Support Us

We need your continued help to show that support for Petersham Nurseries far outweighs any objections. We would really appreciate it if you can help us by:

Signing our petition

Write to us by sharing your personal experience of Petersham Nurseries and tell us why our restaurant should be saved.

Showing your support for the ‘Save Our Restaurant’ campaign by sharing your thoughts and photos on social media using the hashtags:

#SaveOurRestaurant #SaveOurJobs #SupportPetershamNurseries #PN-SaveOurRestaurant


The Petersham Family