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Living Petersham

“We’ve been enchanted by the charms of Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, and the botanical destinations becomes even more magical in winter time.”

A beautifully laid table with freshly cut flowers and the glow of candlelight is at the heart of a Petersham festive celebration. ‘On the dining table, natural textures and fabrics are an absolute must for us,’ explains Gael Boglione, the co-founder of Petersham Nurseries. ‘We always use linen, and this hand-painted fern tablecloth with matching napkins by Bertozzi feels particularly magical.’ Amanda Brame, Petersham’s director of horticulture, describes tablescaping as ‘a garnish to the festive food’, and believes that ‘the finishing touches, from tapered candle holders to special decorations, always create a warm, cosy ambience.