Architectural Digest

“I bought the house on a whim—it offers a sanctuary. I also wanted somewhere where family and friends could gather. It has a nurturing feeling; it is a home with a heart,” she says.”

When Miller came to visit after the project was completed, Dellal was at the property at dawn to check that everything was as it should be. Before the actor entered the house, she was immediately struck by the sight of the meadow and the romantic pergola. “I could not believe the transformation—I knew it had massive potential, but arriving to see this meadow in front of the house planted with wildflowers, I started to  cry,” she recalls. “And it was all achieved in such a short space of time. Gaby is a true artist. Everything has a story, like the kitchen cabinets that were made from old school desks, and there is a real sense of place—it is an artistic retreat but not in any sense precious.