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For the very first time, unveiling limited edition Vintage Murano, from the extensive private collection of the Boglione family.

In 2023, Petersham Nurseries is launching seasonal capsule collections of exquisite Murano glassware, featuring completely unique, one-off pieces from the likes of Scavo and Opalino. Founders Francesco and Gael Boglione have been avid Murano collectors for decades, and each highly limited edition release will feature pieces from the their own private collection. An exceptional collection can be found in their home, Petersham House in Richmond, including vintage pieces and modern designs, from exquisite vases to elaborate candlesticks. Hand-picked items from the collection are used to create magnificent displays across the business, including The Petersham restaurant in Covent Garden.

This highly valued and world-renowned mouth blown glassware, originates from the small Venetian island of Murano, where artisans have been developing and refining their techniques for many centuries. Today Murano is home to a vast number of glassware factories and a few individual artists who continue to produce from their studios on the island.

Francesco, together with his eldest daughter Lara, journeyed repeatedly to Murano for decades – the source of glass artistry since 1291, exploring Murano’s backwaters and rediscovering its covetable craftsmanship. The fruits of their travels allows a discerning public to now acquire vintage pieces which illustrate the heritage of Murano’s thousand year old craft.


  • Wedding events in Petersham Nurseries, with a grand display of Murano glassware

  • Private collection of the Boglione family

  • Murano vases and candle stands displayed in the Shop

  • Murano vase in Petersham House

  • Private collection of Murano glass sculptures

““While my parents have long been collectors, it was a trip to Venice in 2010 which first inspired my love of Murano glass. My father took us to a dusty warehouse, far off the beaten track, which was an Aladdin’s cave of treasures, from frosted pastel Scavo masterpieces and elegant Prosecco flutes to colourfully playful paperweights. I became instantly captivated by these works of art and this dying craft. I am now excited to launch our capsule collections this year, giving customers the opportunity to buy these wonderfully unique pieces.””

Lara Boglione

Managing Director, Petersham Nurseries

Feature in Financial Times How to Spend It

The family interest in glass began with Francesco’s grandmother. He remembers her taking him on trips to the island of Murano from their hometown of Turin as a teenager – but confesses that he initially had no special interest in the craft. It was only in 2008, when he visited the island with daughter Lara, that things changed.

Murano – Spring collection in the Shop

In April 2023, we are releasing a selection of vintage Murano – featuring completely unique, one-off pieces from Gino Cenedese’s foundry.

The lost art and craftsmanship of Scavo Murano from the foundry of Canedese

Presenting for the first time, a small selection of Scavo Murano from the owners of Petersham Nurseries extensive private collection. Scavo literally means excavated in Italian and these pieces are inspired by ancient objects in the form and texture of those found in archaeological excavations. This exquisite glassware is created using a technique that creates a unique transparency of colour, powdery surface texture and weathered effect. Scavo glassware was invented initially on the island of Murano in Italy, by master glassmakers Alfredo Barbini and Cenedese in the 50’s and was later taken up by Seguso Vetri d’Arte in the 70’s.

Vintage Murano Glassware

A stunning and eclectic collection of glassware from different periods of Murano’s history, including pieces by Pauly & C (one of the most respected foundries, set up in 1903). These inimitable pieces are highly collectible.

Fermacarte Murano paperweights

The paperweights in this collection are by Maestro Silvano Signoretto, one of the most talented maestri still blowing his craft in Murano today. Each of the ‘millefiori’ are unique. The result is an intricate and labyrinthine design, resembling a kaleidoscope of floating flowers. In addition, Petersham Nurseries have designed a limited edition of nine paperweights inspired by Gustav Klimt’s work.

The Petersham Family