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Outdoor Furniture Petersham Nurseries

We are delighted to share with you a curated collection of vintage  furniture and unique decor pieces from our recent buying trip. These new additions to our lifestyle shop will add the Petersham charm and an understated grandeur to your home.

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Sideboards and Cabinets

Browse our curated range of French and Italian vintage sideboards, storage cabinets and display units.

Painted sideboard: £1,400, Pair of wooden candle stands: £245, Artwork ‘Butterfly bush’: £680, Bowl: £255

Sideboard: £3,200

19th century Dutch cabinet: £1,450, Artwork ‘Dahlias’: £440, Small stool: £60

Mosaic round table: £1,100, Sliding doors glazed cabinet: £4,500

Side board with yellow flowers: £3,250, Artwork ‘Bottle and Flowers’: £245, Stone dove: £90

French presentation cabinet: £1,950

Small green table: £450
British handmade ceramics: £165 – £220

Large round Italian dining table in sage : £6,200
Vases: £96 – £155

Sideboard: £3,200, A Maker’s Hand ‘Freya Bramble Carter’ : £180 – £620

Italian sideboard £3,400

Metal display shelf £1,800

Painted cabinet: £1,200, Pots: £35 – £180

Tables and Chairs

Browse our antique metal tables, Spanish armchairs and rustic wooden coffee tables.

Wooden dining table: £2,300, White cabinet: £1,500, Chandelier: £1,480, Urn: £650, Artwork’ Dahlias’ : £440

French blue drappier from the late 19th century with green painted patina £1,450

Metal table £1,100

Round Twig Table Green Patina Top £850

Wooden blue side table £250

Set of Swedish armchairs £420

Outdoor Furniture

Always eclectic, our outdoor collection is a constant reminder of seasons spent in celebration of nature.


Outdoor Furniture Petersham Nurseries

Easy Chair Orso, made of reclaimed teak

Outdoor furniture Petersham Nurseries

Malawi cane chair £480 each

Leather safari chairs and table £1,470

Indian chairs Petersham Nurseries

Indian metal chair £145 each

Green metal twig table £2,600

Outdoor Furniture Petersham Nurseries

Outdoor metal table and chairs

Wood table and chairs


Our buyers have curated a unique collection of home décor pieces – from antique stoneware animals to large French urns, Venetian bowls, Italian chandeliers and our signature style Petersham jam jar table lamps.

Edwardian stone swan planters: £290

Wood carved duck: £150, Hand-painted stoneware bowl: £165, French green urn: £365, Large Hungarian jug : £75, Small painted jugs: £32 – £45

Artwork ‘Sail boats in oil’: £485, Artwork ‘Grey brown landscape’: £225, Artwork ‘ Stone arched bridge in oil’: £245

Petersham jam jar table lamp

Petersham Jam Jar Table Lamp £1,750


Bronze Italian lantern £1,750

Wicker baskets

Venetian bowls and murano glassware

Venetian bowls and vintage Murano glassware

Wooden birdhouses


Copper Bath £1,950



Artist stand £1,200

Convex mirrors: Small £85, Medium £880, Large £1,450, Bertozzi vases: £120 – £175

Stamperia Bertozzi

Italian linens with block printed patterns in vibrant hues of spring .

The Italian artisans and also known for their hand made porcelain vases, plates and bowls. Made with the finest kaolin, a soft white clay, fired at a very high temperature, giving it shine and extraordinary resistance. Bertozzi has been creating unique pieces like these since 1920.


Bertozzi vases: Small £125, Medium £155, Large £185

Bertozzi hand painted table cloths £350 – £430, Napkins £25

Bertozzi vases: Small £125, Medium £155, Large £185

Bertozzi vases: Small £125, Medium £155, Large £185

A Maker’s Hand

Collaborations with artists to create unique collections exclusively for Petersham Nurseries

Artist and ceramicist – Sophie Wilson created this beautiful piece for us. Using techniques inspired by Blackwork embroidery first used in England in the 15th and 16th century, this is interpreted into ceramic form where terracotta, white slip and sgraffito imitate the sewn technique.

Handmade ceramics by London based creator

Freya Bramble

Freya Bramble Carter is a ceramics artist based in London who creates thoughtfully crafted pieces with a strong connection to the natural world, often finding their form representative of powerful feminine energy.