‘The Gut’ 2021 Retreats

This Summer, Anna Boglione, daughter of Petersham Nurseries founders’ and creator of ‘The Gut’ will host a series of intimate wellness retreats, held at locations including Petersham House in Richmond, and Boconnoc Estate in Cornwall. Designed to reset and rebalance the body by connecting individuals with nature and their surroundings, Anna works alongside a diverse network of holistic practitioners and Petersham Nurseries’ chefs to create different programmes centring around gut health.
Petersham House Day Retreats

On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th July, a day retreat held at Petersham House in Richmond, explores the relationship between the gut and the brain, led by acclaimed psychotherapist, Carolyn Cowan. Carolyn will work through a series of kundalini movements to help mobilise the gut x brain axis, with a focus on the vagus nerve, which is the main pathway between the two. Taking guests on a journey of inner connection through a guided exploration of daily tensions and past traumas with use of kundalini practices, coupled with pranayama breath work, the retreat aims to relieve stress and create a sense of balance. Lunch will be served in the verdant filled private greenhouse of Petersham House, flooded with natural light and overlooking the gardens. The menu will be a nourishing meal from Petersham Nurseries’ chefs, with conversation led by Carolyn on the vagus nerve.

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Cornwall Retreat

The Autumnal retreat, from the 22nd to the 29th October, set at Boconnoc Estate in Cornwall, is a transformative cleansing retreat, designed to leave guests feeling energised and revitalised, with a focus on digestive function and body work. Each guest will receive a microbiome and food intolerance test kit to their homes a few weeks prior and upon arrival in Cornwall, Phoebe Liebling, acclaimed Harley Street nutritional therapist, will have an in-depth consultation in order to create bespoke menus, tailoring to individual needs. Across the week, guests will take part in restorative yoga, breathwork and meditation and all classes will be designed to complement their personalised nutrition programmes, while afternoons and evenings will play host to walks, workshops, candle lit lectures and relaxation.

For more information and bookings please email

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Sunday 25th July, Petersham House –priced at £275

22nd – 29th October, Boconnoc Estate, Cornwall – prices starting at £3250



All pricing is inclusive of accommodation where applicable, but exclusive of travel. For more information and to book, please email Please note that all retreats are subject to government guidelines and restrictions.