Summer Pots and Planters

1st June 2018
The selection of pots, containers and urns in both our Richmond and Covent Garden shops has never been greater.

With varying shapes, sizes, shades and textures, our collection includes handsome terracotta urns, distressed lacepots and decorative Fenix planters. Our exceptional acanthus leaf pots make a striking and unusual base for any houseplant or seasonal display.

We are also extremely proud of our new collection of Petersham Nurseries terracotta pots. Branded with our iconic elephant logo, these charming hand stamped pots make a great gift for any gardening enthusiast. Many other examples are available to view in both shops and online.

Anduze Terracotta

Embellished with floral garlands, these beautifully crafted terracotta containers are named after the town in the south of France from which they originated. The Anduze style of terracotta pottery remains an iconic symbol of Provençal gardens.