Petersham Nurseries x Elephant Family Charity

We are proud to announce a project that has been in the works, quite literally, for years now and welcome an extraordinary charity into both of our Richmond and Covent Garden locations.
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An environmentally conscious collaboration

When you arrive at Petersham Nurseries Richmond and Covent Garden you will be greeted by magnificent life-sized elephant sculptures made from dried plant fibres, a symbol of our long-standing relationship with the Elephant Family charity and in aid of their new campaign. Dedicated to building landscapes that allow humans and wildlife to live in peaceful CoExistence. We ask that you join us our in support for this important cause.

The charity’s new environmental art campaign, CoExistence, offers a creative solution to one of this century’s greatest issues – lack of space. Its focus is for people and wildlife to live closer together than ever before and to ensure that both thrive. It tells the story of our over-populated planet, the effect of human encroachment on wild spaces and the inspiring ways we can coexist with all other living beings to benefit all of us.

Over the past five years, a collective of artists in the jungles of Tamil Nadu, Southern India, have recreated the real-life elephants they live alongside in dried Lantana camara, an invasive species of weed which chokes their forest habitat. These magical creatures will raise awareness and money that will go towards securing further wildlife corridors, ensuring safe movement for animals and people, expansion and maintenance of national parks and the protection of vital tribal knowledge and livelihoods.

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Photo: Nikhilason
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Photo: Varsha Yeshwant Kumar
Donation / Sale

We will be adding a discretionary cover charge of £1 per person in support of The Elephant Family Charities Co-Existence Campaign. The sculptures are also for sale, if you wish to buy a sculpture please get in touch. Price upon application.

Funds raised from donations and sculpture sales will go towards securing wildlife corridors across India which enable safe movement for animals and people, expanding national parks and protecting vital tribal knowledge and livelihoods.

To make a further donation please click below. Our herd of elephants (2 tuskers in Richmond and a Matriarch, adolescent, and calf in Covent Garden) will be resident until the end of July.

The Petersham Covent Garden Afternoon Tea

In addition to this, from Thursday 20th May, The Petersham, Covent Garden will be serving an Elephant Family inspired afternoon tea to raise funds for this vital cause. The afternoon tea combines Petersham Nurseries classics with Indianinspired sweets, presented on a beautiful, themedhand-blown glass centrepiece and will be served every Thursday – Saturday from 3pm –  5pm at The Petersham Covent Garden. 

Book a table

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The Petersham Covent Garden Elephant Family Inspired Afternoon Tea
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The Menu

Spring pea and potato samosa
Kedgeree scotch quail egg
Mushroom idli
Coronation chicken flatbread
Portland crab pani puri

Plain and fruit scones clotted cream and Petersham jam

Rum baba
Earl Grey tea cake
Banana and tumeric macaron
Mango layered slice coconut eclair

£55 per person
Including a hibiscus bellini or non-alcoholic hibiscus cocktail