Petersham Nurseries’ Book

'Petersham Nurseries' by the Boglione Family
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After many years in the making, we are delighted to unveil an exciting project we've been working on… The book of Petersham Nurseries founders, Gael and Francesco Boglione, will be released in May 2021.
 Showcasing the inimitable evolution of the nurseries at Richmond and beyond, the book tells the story of the couple's past and their extraordinary journey which has built one of the most unique family businesses in the UK today.
A place of beauty, an emporium of goods, and a celebration of the seasons, Petersham Nurseries is also somewhere to meet friends, to escape from city life and to reconnect with nature. Shaped by the creativity, character and passions of the Bogliones, the nurseries have developed in line with their personal commitment to nature, integrity and family.
The book is brought to life with 240 magnificent images by Andrew Montgomery, who has worked closely with the family to capture the essence of life across the business and in the family home.
Destined for coffee tables, the 432 page luxury book combines the story of Gael and Francesco, and their four children, in their own words, each entailing their creative endeavours, with archive pictures offering a glimpse into the family behind the brand.
The book transports readers through the changing seasons at the Richmond Nurseries, into Petersham House, and through the varied locations that make up this remarkable venture: the family-run, organic farm in Devon to the Tuscan vineyards, through Francesco's travels in Afghanistan, India and Nepal to Gael's Australian origins.
Each season is accompanied by a series of recipes, all heralding the simple, produce and provenance-led cooking that lies at the heart of the business and its restaurants.
And at the heart of each chapter is the garden and nature - the forces that have inspired so much at these nurseries and infiltrate from the restaurant tables to the cutting garden, masterclasses to floral arrangements - with a different, iconic flower for each season.
We are so excited to be able to finally share this beautiful project with you and the story of how of journey has transpired. From a once local, concrete-floored garden centre, simply bought to avoid development on the land, to an inspirational and wide-reaching brand, known and loved all over the world.
The book will be released in May 2021, with a limited, special edition soon to be announced.