Lily Lewis’ Exhibition ‘Safe Places’

From June, Lily Lewis addresses vulnerability and the projected self in her new collection "Safe Places", raising funds for domestic abuse victims in partnership with Refuge; a UK charity very close to our heart, providing specialist support for women and children experiencing domestic violence.
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'Safe Places' by Lily Lewis

‘Safe Places’ features actors and actresses from the silver screen of the 1930s and ’40s which Lily sees as the genesis of the “western beauty ideal” that both women and men are still held to today. All of the faces depicted in the show are actors and actresses who appear as ‘perfect,’ while the realities of their actual lives were far from it, not unlike our social media and ‘selfie culture’ of today. While movie stars of that era often led tragic lives of heartbreak and depression, what we remember more is the characters they played, and the story created around them. The naive and childlike application of colour separated from the detailed and intricate workmanship of the vignette faces creates the space between physical presence and projection, fact and fiction.

All of the materials used in the exhibition are what the artist had available to her at home during lockdown – pencil, biro, and all of the colour is from makeup pigment. Through these limited and restricted mediums for this collection, Lily adds another layer of meaning to the limitations that many felt in 2020.


Carriage Hall

29 Floral Street



A charity very close to our heart

Refuge is committed to a world where domestic violence and violence against women and girls is not tolerated and where women and children can live in safety. They aim to empower women and children to rebuild their lives, free from violence and fear. They provide a range of lifesaving and life-changing services and a voice for the voiceless.

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Announcing a Charity dinner at The Petersham Covent Garden in support of Refuge

Petersham Nurseries x Lily Lewis in support of Refuge invite you to dinner at The Petersham Covent Garden

7.30pm, Saturday, 17th June 2021

The Petersham, Covent Garden

Auction by Lord Dalmeny Chairman of Sotheby’s

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Floral Court in Covent Garden
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Covent Garden
17 Jun 2021

Petersham Nurseries x Lily Lewis

28 Jun 2021

The Gut Supper Club Series