La Goccia Launches Dine at Home Boxes

If you're missing the hidden verdance of Floral Court in Covent Garden, the wafts of fresh pasta, clink of glasses and vibrant buzz of dining at La Goccia, we can promise you the next best thing..
Our new Dine at Home boxes, are now available for delivery across the UK and will transport the spirited menu of La Goccia Covent Garden, into your kitchens and onto your dining table. 
Using produce from Haye Farm in some of our best-loved items, the March menus sing of early Spring, while providing comfort and respite from late winter in its comforting dishes. Each dish comes with clear, simple instructions showing how to assemble and finish the dish in your kitchen. 

March Menu, £90 (serves 2)
Vegetarian Menu, £80 (serves 2)


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Vegetarian Menu, £80 (serves 2) We've curated a menu based on produce from our family farm to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy at home.
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Our first menu will be available for the whole of March, with first delivery next Friday 26th February
Sample Menu
In true La Goccia fashion, our Dine at Home box features an array of dishes to share. 
Start with Burrata with Squash Agrodolce, Cauliflower with Sundried Tomato Aioli and Pear and Pecorino Toscano. 
True to the Italian way, this is followed by a choice of pasta: fresh Rigatoni with Slow-Cooked Beef Ragù or Wild Mushrooms
Then, choose between Wood Fired Chicken al burro or Leek Gratinato, both of which are accompanied by Potatoes al forno with Garlic and Rosemary and Borlotti Beans with Cavolo Nero. 
Finish feasting with our signature Tiramisu.   
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