Escape to Petersham

The 2020 Coronavirus Crisis is one of the most challenging, and heart-breaking events that we have experienced in our lifetime. We have witnessed unbelievable sadness and tragedy within families across the entire world.
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Closing our doors has been difficult at every turn, and even now, with our Richmond site partly open again, we so look forward to returning to the days before all of this. We are united with all our friends and colleagues in the hospitality sector, and our fingers remain crossed for a speedy and safe recovery across the industry.

We have taken this strange and challenging time away from the pace and normality of life to reflect and refocus, carefully fine tuning the key elements of our philosophy, which are at the heart of all we do. Though certainly a huge blow to all of us, we are determined to take this period as an opportunity to be grateful and more than this – as a time to learn and improve. This time cannot fail to teach us enormously about our planet, about family and humanity, about treating nature with the utmost respect, and about balance in our own lives. These things have always been at the heart of our work, but this time has given us the space to re-evaluate life and the importance of the little things.

Our core values remain as they have always been: our local community, staff, the quality of our produce and its provenance, and a celebration of style and hospitality, good food, wine and above all, nature. As we seek to gradually re-open our business in line with the government advice, we want to cherish each of these with our #EscapeToPetersham re-opening theme. The idea of escape will be echoed throughout each of these steps, through escaping to your garden with plants from our nursery, to the park with Petersham Picnics, to the farm, with our homegrown produce and to the vineyards with wine from Petersham Cellar. Eventually, and in the not-too-distant future, when our restaurants are open once again, you will be able to #EscapeToPetersham. 

We look forward to welcoming you back.

Gael Boglione

Founder Petersham Nurseries

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A quiet corner in The Nursery

Late eighteen hundreds cast iron urn with beautiful green patina. The elegant wide proportion makes this an unusual piece. Planted with sempervirens and muelhenbeckia,

Interesting early twentieth century French iron table with unusual twisted detail.

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