Dahlia Mania

26th July 2018
We are now truly in Dahlia season. Dahlias are an excellent statement flower to brighten up any garden during the summer months.

One of our signature plants in the cutting garden, dahlias come in a myriad of forms, flower size and an electric mix of colours. Flowering from late June until the first frosts, well into the autumn, these flowers have become an iconic part of summer at Petersham Nurseries. Dahlias are invaluable for the summer border, in large container displays or as cut flowers used in bouquets and to adorn the tables of our restaurants.

Dahlias can be single or double flowering. From tight pompon and ball shaped to the magnificent Babylon dinner plate dahlias; with thousands of varieties to choose from, there is a dahlia for everyone. We have an abundance of potted plants to choose from in Richmond. It’s not too late to plant your dahlias; plant now and enjoy a dazzling display well into the autumn.

Cultivation Notes

Dahlias are easy to grow and maintain; plant in a sunny spot, keep deadheading, water well and feed them – we recommend tomato food or liquid seaweed. In the cutting garden, we use canes to encourage vertical growth. In this dry weather, be sure to water them at least once a week.

Earwigs are often a threat to dahlias, eating the flowers and the leaves. We use organic methods of pest control, positioning pots filled with straw upside down raised on canes dotted throughout your dahlias. The earwigs crawl into the straw seeking shade in the heat of the day. You can then collect the earwigs and release them far from your dahlias. Slugs also love dahlias, especially when they first shoot, so protect using normal methods from the beginning.

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