Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary – Our 15 Favourite Dishes

As part of our 15th anniversary celebrations, our head chef, Ambra Papa, has chosen fifteen savoury dishes, and fifteen sweet, that capture the essence of Petersham dining in our Cafe and Teahouse. A celebration of the seasons, our food brings together the very best organic produce from sister business Haye Farm in Devon, our kitchen gardens and draws inspiration from our Italian heritage and our commitment to slow food and sustainability.
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Broad Beans, Pecorino and Zisola Olive Oil
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Garden Fritti With Amalfi Lemon

Broad beans, pecorino & Zisola olive oil – a simple spring dish, celebrating the first of the broad beans, served with shavings of salty pecorino. You can recreate this at home by following the recipe available here.

On our menu this month; Garden fritti with sage & Amalfi lemon. Expect courgette flowers as we come into the warmer summer months. You can find our recipe for Zucchini fritti here

A star of the spring menu – Portland crab salad with shaved fennel, watermelon radish, agretti & Zisola olive oil.

Monkfish carpaccio with creme fraiche, chilli, cucumber & borage flowers as with most of our signature dishes, the accompaniments to this beautiful carpaccio vary throughout the year, depending on what is in season.

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Monkfish Carpaccio
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Bagna Cauda with Winter Vegetables

Spiced pumpkin tagine, Sicilian almond, coriander yogurt & nigella seed flatbread this Moroccan inspired dish makes the most of autumns gourds. Click here to see our recipe.

Bagna cuda with winter vegetables even as winter approaches, an abundance of root vegetables bring colour and freshness to the table. They are perfectly complemented by the intense flavour of our bagna cuda.

Also appearing on the menu this May is our pea hummus with fennel carta di musica a crisp flatbread, that takes its name on account of being so thin it is said to resemble golden sheets of music paper.

Lasagnette with green beans, pesto & parmesan appears on our menus in spring. The recipe for an autumnal variation on this dish with wild mushrooms can be found here.

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Pea Hummus with Carta di Musica
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Haye Farm Chicken with Mayan Golds & Wild Mushrooms

Petersham garden salad with Zisola olive oil although a staple of the summer table, our garden salad changes throughout the year, depending on which leaves are in abundance.

Saffron gnocchi with mussels & pea shoots. An accord of vibrant colour and delicate flavour.

Burrata with heritage tomato, Genovese basil & nasturtium flowers & leaves. In autumn the burrata is paired with pickled pumpkin, and with orange in winter.

Tagliatelle with Haye farm beef shin ragu & pecorino classic comforting winter fare.

Risotto with a variety of courgettes, mint & parmesan. This simple Italian dish makes the most of the best produce as spring turns to summer  and it’s on our menu this month.

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Burrata with Heritage Tomatoes
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Risotto with Courgettes, Mint and Parmesan.

And some honourable mentions…

Baked scallops with nasturtium butter. Veal sweetbread with sage & capers, shallot & celeriac. Fillet of brill with herbs, potatos, tarocco, orange & sea purslane. Baked aubergine with San Marzano tomatos, fennel & chilli, creme fraiche & oregano. Crispy bramata polenta with chilli, oregano & saffron mayonnaise. Artichokes alla giudia with capers & parsley. Haye farm beef with root vegetable gratin, chard & horseradish.

If your mouth is watering as you read this, you may want to make a reservation with us. Call us on 020 8332 8665 or visit this page for further information about our Cafe.

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Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake from the Teahouse
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Carrot Cake from the Teahouse

Our Fifteen Favourite Desserts

From the Teahouse:

  • Cappuccino cake
  • Lemon & poppy seed cake
  • Orange & almond gluten free cake
  • Carrot & walnut cake

And from the Cafe:

  • Nespole & Sicilian almond tart with mascarpone
  • Petersham honey tart with creme fraiche
  • Pannacotta with prosecco & guariguette strawberries
  • Chargrilled yellow peach with ricotta, pistachio & honey
  • Amalfi lemon tart with creme fraiche
  • Original bean chocolate with sea salt & Zisola olive oil chocolate ice cream
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Lemon Tart
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Original Bean Chocolate with Sea Salt & Zisola Olive Oil Ice Cream
  • Original bean chocolate & caramel tart with vanilla ice cream
  • Melon sorbet with waffles
  • Petersham rice pudding with Tarocco orange, pistachio & rose
  • Sea buckthorn posset with savoury winter shortbread
  • Steamed date pudding with cardamom custard
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Pannacotta with Prosecco & Guariguette Strawberries
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Steamed Date Pudding with Cardomom Custard