Celebrating 15 Years of Petersham Nurseries

This May, we celebrate 15 years of Petersham Nurseries with a series of events, competitions and initiatives that encapsulate our unique style, core philosophies and passion for positive and sustainable living.

For this very special anniversary, we turn our attention to the honeybee – a fitting emblem for their invaluable contributions to our environment, enriching our kitchens and gardens -and highlight their plight. We also invite you to discover the food, plants and lifestyle products that epitomise our style and passion for positive and sustainable living. Read on to learn about ways to help honeybees with our tips, or to find out more about our unique ‘Bee Mindful’ Masterclass in May.

In true Petersham style, the anniversary will be marked by an all day masterclass, centred around the honeybee, taking place on Thursday 26th September. A wholly sensory experience touching on food, horticulture, style and conservation and led by a select group of specialists, guests will be guided through this immersive day that will include tastings, lessons in table styling, gardening to attract bees, a delicious lunch created by our head chef, and a limited-edition beeswax candle, CIRE, to take home. To find out more, or to book a place click here.

Continuing the bee theme, we have created a new cake made for the Teahouse with honey from our own hives. On the menu since the first of May, it has proven very popular and likely to become one of our signature cakes alongside longstanding favourites carrot cake, lemon and poppy seed, and orange and almond.

Celebrations will be continued at the nurseries throughout May for all to enjoy, with a Fifteen Favourites series showcasing our favourite and best dishes, wines, flowers, plants and signature lifestyle and homeware items. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to discover this series and other related events. The menu in Petersham Nurseries Caf will feature both sweet and savoury dishes from our ‘Fifteen Favourite’ food series. Click here to discover our fifteen favourite dishes – and a few of the recipes, so you can create them at home.

As well as our ‘Bee Mindful’ immersive masterclass, we are hosting several workshops this Father’s Day where parents can create a ‘bee nursery’ with their child. Read more about these here. For now, here are our tips to help bees in your garden.


  • Bees need water: A shallow dish of pebbles or shells left outside to fill with rainwater provides a valuable resource. Keep it topped up in dry weather.
  • Bee-friendly garden plantings arranged in large clumps or drifts of the same type of flower make it easier for bees to forage in those patches.
  • Winter and early spring flowering trees, bushes and flowers play a vital role in extending the forage season for hungry bees.
  • Flowering herbs such as Oregano, Thyme, Sage and Mint are all bee-magnets, but you must let them flower instead of pinching off the budding growth at the top.
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