Bulb planting for spring

A carefully curated collection of our favourite spring flowering bulbs available in beautiful  recyclable packaging to grow at home. 

One of our extra special favourites for 2020 is the Brown Sugar tulip, star of the cutting garden and epitome of seasonal style. A stunning combination of elegant copper and warm caramel tones the large cup shaped flowers are nurtured throughout the gardens in May.

Simple to grow it has good strong stems and thrives in both a garden border or large planter. Plant your bulbs as the temperature starts to drop, usually around November time and before the end of December. Later planting helps to reduce the chances of any disease.

For the best and biggest blooms we have chosen size 12+ bulbs, one of the largest available.

If you need to store your bulbs before planting then keep them somewhere cool, dry and dark such as a garden shed.

Plant 15cm apart from each other and 15cm deep ideally sheltered from strong winds and with the pointy end of the bulb upright.

Remember to water them once a week unless it rains. The bulbs contain all the energy and food the plants will need to bloom in spring. However when you first plant them they will need to send down some roots. To help them do this we recommend feeding with a balanced fertiliser.

Deadhead your tulips once the flowers have faded leaving the leaves and stems for around 6 weeks or until they start to yellow.

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12 Nov 2019

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