Haye Farm

Established in 2014 as part of the Petersham family to bring the very best organic meat, seasonal vegetables and delicious fruits straight from the farm to our kitchens.

As a child, Harry Boglione established the kitchen gardens at Petersham House and since then has developed his passion and knowledge for growing natural, fine produce. Taking ownership of Haye Farm in Devon in 2014, together with his partner Emily and their young family – Harry Boglione maintains the 90-acre mixed organic farm set in the breath-taking hills of East Devon.

Their aspiration is to create sustainable food systems, whilst encouraging an increase in biodiversity and wildlife. Rather than viewing each individual crop or herd on the farm as a single entity each performs a role in the wider system, where each elements’ externalities support another. Systems are rotational and continually moving. This improves soil fertility, ensuring crop productivity whilst maintaining healthy plant and animal welfare. It also eliminates the build-up of disease, parasites, pests, nitrates and other negative impacts on the land and environment.

Haye Farm supplies its delicious nutrient-rich meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits to Petersham Nurseries and some of the best restaurants in UK

Organic, regenerative, holistic farming – that nurtures the entire ecosystem from the soil up

The hens are kept in easy to rotate mobile houses and move in fresh pastures, producing exceptional quality eggs

With their bright golden yolks and gratifying depth of flavour, our organic, free-range eggs are highly nutritious– packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals.

The produce is farmed to Soil Association standards. Livestock that is predominantly grass-fed and kept outdoors year-round