Save Our Restaurant


We are delighted and truly honoured for Petersham Nurseries Restaurant Richmond to have received a Michelin Green Star for four consecutive years – a tribute to our hard work and commitment to sustainability.

Respect for the natural world and ways we can improve our ecological footprint have always been the basis for the cooking and eating at Petersham Nurseries Restaurant. We are purveyors of organic farming, maintaining quality and chemical-free ways of growing in our kitchen garden and at our family farm in Devon, where much of our produce comes from. We seek to eliminate waste across all levels and have employed diverse ways to tackle this in recent years. This approach is integral to our operations at Petersham Nurseries Restaurant: we are inspired by nature and its protection is a chief aim in all we do.

Our menus are based on a slow food ethos, sticking firmly to seasonal vegetables and fruits, with as few food miles as possible. Haye Farm, in Devon – run by the son of our founders – supplies us with meat, eggs and produce all through the year, so we are sure of the quality of our inputs. Soil Association assured, they have also achieved the highest pig welfare score by Farms Not Factories, and are committed to creating a circular, no-waste system on their farm. They employ agro-forestry and regenerative methods of farming, using waste from one corner of the farm as fuel in another, and keeping the cycle closed.

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