Chris de Verteuil – Priddy Essentials

The creator of handmade soaps, artisan fragrances, room essences and hand creams, join Chris de Verteuil in our Richmond shop on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August, to find out more about Priddy Essentials.
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Priddy Essentials creates luxurious and most becoming practical products that challenge the ideas of tradition and push them forward for our current times.

Striking a balance between traditional craft methods and modern design processes, Priddy Essentials is influenced by Scandinavia and Japan regions. Their products focus on simplicity in design and place high value on doing more.

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Tell us about Priddy Essentials, how did get to where you are? 

In 2011 we opened a shop in Uppingham selling our first batch of hand-made fragrant products. We launched with a small run of soaps, hand creams, perfumes, candles and diffusers. Initially, the small runs of products allowed us to make everything on the premises and package by hand.

After 3-4 years of trading this all changed. We were approached to sell our products to other shops and our wholesale business was born.

How would you describe your work in three words?

Handcrafted / Creative / Fragrant.

Where do you feel most inspired and who inspires you?

It is historical references and traditional craft processes that inspire me the most.

Our workshop asides in a country estate surrounded by espalier orchards, gardens and greenhouses, it is here in my workshop alongside of other artists, designers and makers that I feel most enthused.

What is your creative process? 

Our process begins with experimenting with a variety of fragrances and essential oils, exploring their scents and seeing what compliments each other. Once, we are happy with the scent, we build the story with the packaging for each of our products.

Each fragrance has their own character reflected in the hand-crafted packaging.

What is the finished product?

Hand packaged hand creams, soaps, perfume sprays, candles, room diffusers.

What materials do you most like to work with? Does it differ depending on subject?

We often work with humble Kraft board because of all the possibilities that it presents. Not only is it a great product for decorating, but we find it one of the best quality ingredients available.

What’s your greatest achievement?

Being able to sustain a line of product that people seem to love, whilst not compromising the integrity of the processes that we enjoy.

What does the next few years look like for you and what are you most excited about? 

It looks very busy ahead, and we are excited to be bringing out 2 new collections in 2020 as well as expanding the business into new markets.

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