Wine Dinner with Castello di Gabiano at La Goccia, Covent Garden

We are delighted to host a wine dinner at La Goccia Restaurant, showcasing a selection of wines from Castello di Gabiano. Enjoy a dinner following the slow food movement in true La Goccia fashion, paired with an array of wines from Piedmont. The dinner will take place in our charming private room in La Goccia. This is a truly wonderful occasion to enjoy a sumptuous dinner with fantastic wines.

Castello di Gabiano is a castle located near Monferrato in the incredibly striking and gorgeous region of Piedmont. There has been winemaking on their slopes since before the 8th Century, and even the Romans farmed the area. The Current Family have been making wine at the location for 400 years, since the 1600s. The quality and knowledge of these centuries come together in a truly exquisite and versatile wine that has its place in many an event, or even a special treat jealously guarded.

You will be guided through the history of this amazing estate whilst drinking a cross-section of grape varietals including Corte Monferrato Bianco – Sauvignon blanc, Castello Piedmonte – Chardonnay, Piemonte Pinot Nero – Pinot Noir, Il Ruvo – Grignolino, Rubino di Cantavena –Barbera, Freisa & Grignolino and Adornes – Barbera.