The Gut Supper Club Series

28 Jun 2021 - 26 Jul 2021, Richmond
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The Gut is teaming up with the most creative minds, to bring food, health and culture to the table at Petersham Nurseries.

Food For Thought is a rolling bi-monthly Monday night Supper Club, we’re teaming up with the most creative minds to bring food, health and culture to the table to be discussed and divulged. 'The Gut' will be hosting a series of talented chefs, bringing a diverse pallet of taste from all corners of the globe, to the glasshouses of 'Petersham Nurseries'. Featuring a set menu, each event will be coupled with interactive discussions on the evening’s subject. Our aim is to connect individuals and foster thought and creativity.

EMILY DOBBS: 'A Poem of The Senses', Monday 28th June
IMOGEN KWOK: 'Hanbok', Monday 12th July,
THE ROCKET STORE; 'Message in a Bottle', Monday 26th July

More details and chefs to come...

EMILY DOBBS: 'A Poem of The Senses', Monday 28th June

Join us for a Sri Lankan feast, from cult egg hopper and sambal slinger, Emily Dobbs. Emily is an artist and chef who taught herself how to make Sri Lankan food at home and became the one of the first British chefs to popularise Sri Lankan food in London, through her pop-up stall 'Weligama' in Druid Street Market (hailed by the Evening Standard as ‘utterly fantastic’).

Emily spent several years working as a chef in Sri Lanka, where she wrote her acclaimed cook book Weligama. If you missed Emily's original and mobbed street food stall on Druid Street market, now is your chance. Grab it, (tear it, dip it...) with both hands.

Emily is all about the senses, this week's topic is ‘A Poem of the Senses’. Emily will also be using the five tastes - salty, sour, bitter, sweet & pungent work with nature creating balance in our lives. Emily creations are well balanced, full of flavour, texture and colour. A feast for all the senses using (mostly) plants, mood and setting.

Each group will have the opportunity to win tickets to another Food For Thought supper club, by weaving their thoughts and ideas into a poem - the best poem wins.

IMOGEN KWOK: 'Hanbok', Monday 12th July,

Imogen sees food as more than a basic human necessity— she uses it as a visceral language to encourage comprehension through consumption. The intimate ritual of eating breaks down barriers, triggers emotional responses and imprints powerful memories. By creating multi-sensory culinary experiences such as interactive workshops and edible installations, her work falls at the unique intersection of culture,design and cuisine.

Imogen Kwok lives and works in London, UK. She graduated with an MA in History of Art from the University of St. Andrews in St Andrews,Scotland. She holds a Grand Diplome from The French Culinary Institute in New York City, NY and has trained at Michelin-Starred restaurants such as Eleven Madison Park and Blue Hill Stone Barns.

This week's Food For Thought, Imogen draws inspiration from traditional Korean national clothing, specifically Hanbok, which is the type of attire she wore for special occasions with her mother's family. The food will be a modernised version of classic dishes and the presentation will reflect the textures, materials and aesthetic of the clothing.

This supper club’s competition will be to draw and design your own ‘traditional’ dress, maybe it's something you wore as a child or an outfit plucked from your imagination. We invite those who can draw and others who never picked up a pen - materials will be provided on the night.

THE ROCKET STORE; 'Message in a Bottle', Monday 26th July

The Rocket Store is a small seafood restaurant situated in Boscastle Harbour, Cornwall, created by Alex Key and Freddie Woodruff. Their farm, Trebiffen and fishing boat, Rene are also based in Boscastle, with access to some of the best fish and seafood on the Cornish coast. Their focus is high quality local produce, cooked simply with bold exciting flavors.

Freddie has worked in the kitchen of various London restaurants including Kricket and Michelin starred Chez Bruce. He ran a kitchen based in a Photography Studio in North London, regularly cooking for high profile clients. Alex has experience in the industry over many years and has run his own catering company for the past 6 years where his personality and cooking flair have ensured continued success. He has worked with many high profile clients and is a regular cook on the top fashion and media circuit.

This week’s supper club focus is ‘Message In A Bottle’ - we will be asking guests to discuss the current oceanic crises and come up with three ways we as individuals can create change. The winner of this competition will receive tickets to a following Food For Thought supper club.
Petersham Nurseries, Church Lane, Off Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 7AB
Tickets £60