The Gut’s Retreat: Petersham House

24 Jul 2021, Richmond
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Join this day retreat with Carolyn Cowan and explore the gut/brain connection, with kundalini movements, breath work and lunch by Petersham Nurseries.

Carolyn is an acclaimed psychotherapist, who specialises in stress and anxiety states that are the results of traumatic events and childhood. As wells as being a trauma therapist Carolyn is a kundalini yoga teacher and founder of Kundalini Global, a teacher training program that helps its students and teachers work with the nervous system to create a sense of balance within the self, empowering their journey forward in the quantum fields of right here, right now.

Held within the ballroom of Petersham House, Carolyn will work through a series of kundalini movements to help the Gut x Brain axis, with focus on the vagus nerve. Carolyn will take us through a guided exploration of our daily tensions and past traumas, with use of Kundalini practices coupled with pranayama breath work. This day retreat will be a journey of inner connection and stress release. Carolyn’s style is relaxed, grounded and down to earth.

Lunch will be held within the private greenhouse of Petersham House, a nourishing meal inspired by the topic will play host to a discussion led by Carolyn on the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve allows you to move from your sympathetic nervous system to your parasympathetic, it is also the main pathway for communication between your gut and your brain. This retreat is for everyone who wants to further their knowledge on the gut and its influence on our emotional states and cognitive function.

Petersham Nurseries
Church Lane
TW10 7AQ
Tickets £275