Petersham Cellar Wine Tasting: The Great Pinot Noirs of Italy

21 Jul 2020, Covent Garden
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Petersham Cellar invites you to an intimate wine tasting in Petersham Nurseries Shop, Covent Garden.

Although it’s not an Italian native, Pinot Noir thrives in certain cool-climate spots across the country. This noble grape variety is so strongly associated with Burgundy that it may come as a surprise that it has been cultivated in Italy for more than 150 years.

Pinot Noir first arrived in South Tyrol, Northern Italy, under the auspice of Archduke John of Austria, who had taken a keen interest in the region’s viticultural development. During the same period the grape also entered Sicily, on Etna’s southwest flank, where Barone Felice Spitaleri planted it at up to 1,000m after having built kilometres of stone terraces to cultivate French varieties. Initially the results failed to fascinate Burgundy lovers, but in a country such as Italy, which is extraordinarily blessed with myriad terroirs and macroclimates, winemakers were determined to master the world’s most prestigious red grape variety.

What Italy’s best Pinot Noirs almost all have in common is a cool-climate and high-altitude site, something already acknowledged 150 years ago by the three noblemen who all planted Pinot Noir in cool or mountainous sites in the hope of emulating Burgundy’s fresh climate.

The best examples come from a specific location in Trentino Alto Adige, near the village of Mazzon, considered to be the best cru for such difficult yet exciting grape variety.

Join us for this informative tasting where we will open some top wines from best know locations for Pinot Noirs.

Meats, Cheeses, Olives, Bread and extra virgin olive oil will be provided throughout the tasting.

Petersham Cellar are a specialist Italian wine merchant that source and supply fine wines from across Italy. With ownership of three of estates in Tuscany and Sicily, the range consists of 700 directly sourced wines with a focus on sustainable, organic and biodynamic practices within the vineyard and winery.

Petersham Cellar supply all Petersham Nurseries restaurants as well as Delicatessen in Covent Garden.

All wines at our events are available to order and there will be special discounts on full case orders placed on the day of the event.

As spaces are limited, we recommend early bookings. Please note that these tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
21 Jul 2020, 18:30 – 20:30
The Shop
31 King Street
Tickets £50