Petersham Platform: Our Food Philosophy with Damian Clisby, Powered by Hub Dot

12 Feb 2019, Covent Garden
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Throughout 2019, join us for a series of events that explore the Slow Food and Slow Living philosophies, methodologies that consciously minimise our effect on the environment.

Petersham Platform is a space for discussion, education and expression. Engaging with fellow thinkers on issues of sustainability, craftsmanship, responsible sourcing and agriculture.

A seedbed of inspiration; a place to cultivate, unearth and grow.

The first event of its kind focuses on food and is hosted by Petersham Nurseries Chef Director Damian Clisby. Recognising the value of the land and the part it plays in food production, Damian brings together innovative speakers all with important messages to give. Each passionate about creating a better food system, this interactive and dynamic event will provoke a lively conversation around the importance of animal welfare, good farming practices and reducing food waste.

Joining Damian will be:

- Harry Boglione, son of Petersham Nurseries owners Gael and Francesco who runs 65-acre Haye Farm in Devon. Haye Farm supplies organic fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat and poultry to all of our restaurants.

- Jyoti Fernandes, Campaigns Coordinator of the Landworkers Alliance and smallholder farmer in Dorset.

- Francesca Price, Director of We Feed the World.

- Tracy Worcester, Director of Farms Not Factories.

- Shane Holland, Executive Chair of Slow Food UK.

- Tom Hunt, eco-chef and author of The Natural Cook.

Powered by Hub Dot, the format of this event will take a radically different approach that encourages you to leave your job title, status or label at the door and embrace the power of starting conversations with whats your story? instead of what do you do? Be prepared to choose one of five coloured dots on arrival that reflect your mindset and feel free to strike conversations with others in a relaxed and informal way.

Hub Dot are a visionary company whose mission is to bring people together. Through the breaking down of barriers by the removal of labels, they create an inspiring space where individuals can find that one connection that could change their life. The results are truly transformational.
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Tickets £40