Marte Marie Forsberg – Immersive Cookery Workshop Experience

07 Sep 2020, Richmond
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Petersham Nurseries welcomes Marte Marie Forsberg for an immersive cookery workshop experience, a true celebration of home cooked food. Rustic, seasonal, fresh and local produce; Marie’s simple yet elegant style of cooking is about bringing people together and enjoying heart warming food.

Marte Marie Forsberg, author of the cookbook: ‘The Cottage Kitchen’, traces her passion for cooking back to her mother’s kitchen, on a coastal island, in Norway. She grew up learning how to grow vegetables in their kitchen garden and about foraging ingredients in the Norwegian wilderness. Her love for travelling led her across Europe; living, working and eating throughout Italy and France, before finally deciding to settle in the English countryside. Her cooking is a reflection of her experiences and a love for comforting, hearty meals. Marie and her husband to be and Mixologist, Theo Maxfield, run Food & Drinks workshops from their wonky cottage in the countryside and throughout Europe.

Join us in the morning with fresh pastries and coffee before putting on our aprons and venturing into the kitchen to learn about preparing and working with great, fresh produce in a hands on session, focusing on autumnal dishes and ingredients to later be enjoyed over a sharing lunch.

In the afternoon we will learn about setting and styling a beautiful table scene in which to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for any dinner party, before Theo guides us in creating seasonal drinks from scratch with homemade syrups and infusions to complement our food. Finally we will retreat into the glass house for a very special evening feast and cocktails, in an accumulation of the days experiences.
Petersham Nurseries Café
Church Lane
Off Petersham Road
TW10 7AB
Tickets £350