Make your own personalised Christmas Crackers

10 Dec 2019, Richmond
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Using handcrafted marbled paper, assemble a set of six beautiful festive decorations with thoughtful gifts and bespoke messages.

Start this workshop with refreshments from our Teahouse.

Then under the guidance of Florence Saurmarez of Inq, Bath, you will spend the morning first making your own miniature monogramed paperweight, with a base of colourful marbled paper, which will become one of the special gifts in your cracker set.

Whilst this is drying, you can set to work on the crackers themselves which, once filled with your personalised gift, message and hat will become an individual work of art that will elevate your Christmas table to the level of a Venetian banquet.

Turn what would normally be a disposable extravagance, into something unique and personal. What sets these crackers apart, aside from their personalisation, is the quality of the card which is lovely and weighty. With no cardboard liners to be seen, these crackers slot together with no glue or tape and are finished with a ribbon from VV Rouleaux.

Fill one cracker with your miniature paperweight, and the others with quirky gifts from Petersham Nurseries Shop such as packs of seeds, plant tags, Indian terracotta tealight candles, mini balls of gardeners string, felt animal decoration, hand-cream and a carrot pen*

Complete your handiwork by packaging your set of six crackers in a beautiful Inq branded box.

Inq crackers will not be available for sale as sets until Christmas of 2020, and are expected to retail at £180 or £210 with personalisation.

*items subject to change

NB. Tickets non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please note parking is restricted in the surrounding area and we encourage our visitors to travel via alternative means of transport whenever possible.

There is no dress code however in these wetter winter months we recommend suitable footwear (even wellies!).
Petersham Nurseries
Church Lane
Off Petersham Road
TW10 7AB
Tickets £125