Concerto di Fonterutoli 40th anniversary – with Giovanni Mazzei

Beautiful landscapes, cities famous for arts and amazing food and wines make Tuscany is one the most romanticised area of Italy, and also perhaps the most “Italian” one, which has become synonymous with “la dolce vita”.

With over 500 years of winemaking history, the Mazzei Family has played a big part in the region. One of their wineries, Castello di Fonterutoli, is known for producing wines with exceptional balance. Their secret? A state-of-the-art winery composed of three levels to allow the grapes to “drop” during the various phases of the winemaking and maturing process in the most natural manner, using the force of gravity. The parcels are then vinified in small batches to obtain particularly smooth and elegant tannins.

This year is the 40th anniversary of their rich and juicy ‘Super-Tuscan’ Concerto, a wine celebrated for its power, finesse and balance.

Giovanni Mazzei, 25th Generation and heir of the family, will talk you through this amazing wine via a vertical tasting. You will also have the chance to taste an exclusive barrel sample of both 2021 Concerto and Siepi, the other ‘Super-Tuscan’ star from the family. Wines will be carefully paired with a delightful menu crafted by our executive chef at Petersham Nurseries.