Barolo & Truffle Wine Dinner

Guided by wine experts from Petersham Cellar, you will enjoy a brilliant evening of fine wine, and exceptional food in our stunning private dining room at The Petersham

Barolo, the robust red of Piedmont, presents a powerful, rustic palate of cherry and spices. The intense flavour profiles of the wine rely on equally strong food flavours to complement its heartiness, making truffles a perfect match. So what exactly is a truffle? Truffles are a form of fungi associated with roots and trees, capturing an earthy and garlicky flavour. White truffles, otherwise known as Alba truffles, are generally found in the Alba, Langhe, and Monferrato regions of Piedmont. White truffles range in colour from creamy beige to hues of brown and are generally the highest-regarded species of truffle. Due to their strong, pungent flavours, they are used sparingly in cooking, frequently shaved atop a dish of fresh pasta, served in cheese, or thinly sliced into roasting meats. A dish including Alba truffles screams for a rugged, muscular bottle of red to complement its powerful flavours.