What's On Workshop

An introduction to Slow Gardening

Discussion on slow gardening – nurturing plants and growing your own produce

This workshop is centred around Petersham Nurseries’ ethical approach to the natural world. Gardening, when done respectfully and in tune with the seasons, is a particularly mindful activity. In the tranquil surroundings of the Richmond nurseries, guests can reconnect with nature and discuss important subjects on climate change and gardening for a better future. The day will be split into stages:

Visit the Petersham House Garden and hear how we compost at the nurseries to minimise our global footprint and create nutrient rich soil supplements from kitchen waste, coffee grinds and spent tea leaves.
Talk by experts on composting and how to increase carbon levels in soil to substantially reduce greenhouse gases, with focus on home composting

Discussion on choosing the right seeds, seed harvesting and sowing for successional crops and flowers throughout the growing season.
Workshop on planting your own salad and edible flower box, for guests to take away with them at the end of the workshop.

Focus on organic feeds and chemical free pest control, with demonstration on making your own feeds at home using nettles, comfrey and other ingredients available in your home. Suggestions on plants that encourage beneficial insects within your garden and companion planting.

How to harvest, best times to pick with tips on how to dry herbs and flowers, for tea infusions and other examples of extending the life of your bounty.

Workshop on making your own edible bouquet to take home including borage, calendula, rocket flowers and flowering herbs

After the discussion, guests will be seated for a light lunch of dishes based on Petersham Nurseries’ philosophy of slow food, sourced responsibly and cooked simply to allow the flavours to shine through.

Guests with leave with their own Petersham Nurseries Slow Gardening tool kit.