Anna Boglione

Founder of The Gut
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The interactive production company, Petersham Road was founded by Anna Boglione and Louis Waymouth in 2011.

Pioneering a new type of theatre, Petersham Road specialised in site specific entertainment, operating an innovative music platform and curated sensory experiences.

By catering a sense of intimacy within the narrative, it is the immersive aspect that defined the company. The spectator was encouraged to become integrated into the story. It is this interactive element that Anna will bring into her project, The Gut.

The detachment from our bodies and land, mirrored by the rise in intolerances and stomach issue, inspired the ethos behind The Gut. Having suffered from poor gut health most of her life, Anna went on a quest to research gut related issues and the ever-evolving science. This inspired her to move away from Petersham Road and focus on experiential dining, talks and wellness.

The Gut is a food focuses platform, with education at its core.