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Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries is uniquely located adjacent to Richmond Park and Petersham Meadow within London’s historic Thames landscape 'Arcadia' - which runs along the Thames from Teddington to Kew.

As areas of incredible beauty and sensitivity we believe they are worthy of preservation for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike – and importantly for future generations. Moreover as an increasing number of visitors are now enjoying the area, traffic congestion could become a problem.

For these reasons we would like to encourage guests to explore and celebrate our location with consideration for its environmental sensitivity, by chosing to visit us via a walk along the Thames or through the park, a quick trip across the river by ferry from Marble Hill Park, or following one of the cycle routes from Richmond, Kingston or Teddington. There are also extensive parking facilities nearby from which we can be reached after a short walk.

Choose one of the routes from the map opposite to start your journey...

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