Charity and Community

As a business, we support charities we care about, and those that we feel we have a responsibility to help.
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The Elephant Family Charity – CoExistence Campaign, 2021

When you arrive at Petersham Nurseries Richmond and Covent Garden you will be greeted by magnificent life-sized elephant sculptures made from dried plant fibres, a symbol of our long-standing relationship with the Elephant Family charity and in aid of their new campaign. Dedicated to building landscapes that allow humans and wildlife to live in peaceful CoExistence. We ask that you join us our in support for this important cause.

The charity’s new environmental art campaign, CoExistence, offers a creative solution to one of this century’s greatest issues – lack of space. Its focus is for people and wildlife to live closer together than ever before and to ensure that both thrive. It tells the story of our over-populated planet, the effect of human encroachment on wild spaces and the inspiring ways we can coexist with all other living beings to benefit all of us.

Over the past five years, a collective of artists in the jungles of Tamil Nadu, Southern India, have recreated the real-life elephants they live alongside in dried Lantana camara, an invasive species of weed which chokes their forest habitat. These magical creatures will raise awareness and money that will go towards securing further wildlife corridors, ensuring safe movement for animals and people, expansion and maintenance of national parks and the protection of vital tribal knowledge and livelihoods.

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Photo: Nikhilason
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Photo: Varsha Yeshwant Kumar

Fundraising 2019

Close to the heart of Richmond-Upon-Thames, The Vineyard Community Centre was opened in 2012 to meet the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable in our community. The Centre offers: drop-in crisis clinics; a community café and Foodbank, along with training in social enterprise and community nursing.

Last year the £15,000+ that was raised provided year-round access to a nurse for visitors of the Centre. We felt it vital to maintain this service, and therefore will continue our support this year. This summer, Petersham Nurseries’ owners, Francesco and Gael Boglione, will open their own private garden to the public to raise funds for The Vineyard Centre. Date and details to follow.

Charity Banquets

On 14th March 2019 a banquet was held in memory of Filippo Corsini – a young Italian who tragically died in a London cycling accident – A phenomenal £35,000 was raised from ticket sales and a charity auction which have been donated to the London Cycling Campaign. Since opening in 2004 Petersham Nurseries has been an advocate of sustainable travel, working alongside the Borough Council to produce Green Travel Plans and encouraging staff and visitors alike to take up cycling. It is therefore a great privilege to be able to support the Corsini family in both their awareness campaign for road safety and fundraising for the London Cycling Campaign.

Refugee Action, an incredible charity that help refugees who’ve survived some of the world’s worst regimes. Refugee Action helps refugees build safe, happy and productive lives in the UK, getting them the basic support they need to live again with dignity. Join us at a Gala Event in support of Refugee Action on 10th October at Petersham Nurseries Richmond. All money raised on this evening will help people who have been uprooted from their lives, to find hope again.

Details coming soonZeitz Foundation, founded in Germany in 2008 by the business entrepreneur Jochen Zeitz, with the mission to create and support sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible projects and destinations around the world to achieve long-lasting impact and sustainability through the holistic balance of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (the 4Cs)

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Photo: Varsha Yeshwant Kumar

Community Engagement

Further to our charitable efforts, community engagement is vital to how we operate.

In Richmond we once again look forward to developing our relationships with local schools and charitable organisations. Already this year we welcomed back students from Paddock School for their work experience, as well as planting seedlings with the children of the Petersham Kish Kindergarten. We will continue to reach out to host gardening workshops for local schools, the charity School Food Matters, supporting the village of Petersham’s entry in Britain in Bloom.

Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts, to a local registered charity, in order to support them materialise their dream for a new scout hut. Situated just around the corner from Petersham Nurseries, the troop is made up of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers for both boys and girls who regularly get involved in a wide range of water activities from canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and rowing. They also find time for many of the traditional scouting activities, such as camping and hiking. Tracing back to 1908, the Petersham & Ham Sea Scouts are one of the oldest scout troops still in existence. They rely on the support of 40 dedicated volunteers and subsidise their fees to make the troop accessible to everyone. The troop is currently running a capital appeal to build a new scout hut and boat deck.

Ham and Petersham SOS, a neighbourhood care group for elderly and disabled residents of Ham and Petersham who provide transport, weekly activities, monthly outings and practical help. To help Ham and Petersham SOS provide these much needed activities and services to the local community they rely on donations and volunteers.

Finally, our Ham and Petersham Residents Programme  expands this year, as we introduce a resident strategy for the neighbours of both our sites. We look forward to building relationships, extend priority bookings and share residential offers.

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Previous Years

In 2018 Petersham Nurseries’ series of Charity Fundraising Banquets raised: £33,500 for Refugee Action, £18,000 for We Feed the World Campaign for The Gaia Foundation and £40,000 for The Resurgence Trust. At the same time, by opening their private garden, the Boglione family and Petersham Nurseries raised £15,000 for the Vineyard Community Centre in Richmond – donating all proceeds to this local charity.

Petersham Nurseries supported the Ham and Petersham in Bloom campaign by donating plants and creating three barn troughs, which now form a strong bond along the Petersham Road from the current trough in Hazel Lane to Ham Parade. In turn, Ham and Petersham won “Best Village in London in Bloom 2017” and has been shortlisted as a finalist for “Britain in Bloom 2018”.

Moreover, individual donations throughout last year included: Ham Polo Club’s Orange Tree fundraising event, the Richmond May Fair Ball, The Richmond Gold Course, the Richmond Museum, Ham Parade Market, The Vineyard School and Hampton Court Flower Show.

Our charitable efforts were recognised locally: Petersham Nurseries won ‘Best Achievement in Social Responsibility’ at the Richmond Business Awards 2018 and we were ‘Shortlisted’ in the Richmond Upon Thames Community Hero Awards for ‘Business Contribution to the local Community’.

These awards come from a longstanding history Petersham Nurseries has with fundraising. Throughout 2016 and 2017 we hosted fundraising dinners for Action Against Hunger, Farms not Factories and Cook for Syria, we worked alongside Hub Dot, The Avenues in W10, and made donations to many local organisations and schools, from Clink Charity, School Food Matters, Riding for the Disabled, The Holly Lodge Centre in Richmond Park, The National Garden Scheme, The Victoria Foundation, Ham and Petersham SOS and The Ham and Petersham Sea Scouts. The total estimated donation spend in 2016-2017 was in excess of £50,000.

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Ham and Petersham in Bloom
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Charlotte Senn, Vince Cable and Zac Goldsmith.