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Friday, 02nd December 2016 12:09pm by Petersham Nurseries

In the UK alone, we drink over 70 million cups of coffee a day half a million tonnes of waste each year. Usually coffee waste cannot be composted and tends to end up in general waste.

As a restaurant, we believe it is imperative that we dispose of all our waste responsibly. This is why we are developing a partnership with bio-bean, a pioneering clean technology company who recycle coffee waste and turn it into carbon neutral advanced biofuels, creating local sustainable energy. Bio-bean now recycle 50,000 tonnes of coffee waste a year, the equivalent of one in ten cups of coffee, with the overarching aim of displacing fossil fuels.

We need to begin viewing waste as an asset, as a valuable resource, rather than a burden. Petersham Nurseries Café & Teahouse have recently started the process of recycling waste coffee grinds and then sending them to bio-bean, who currently turn coffee waste into biomass pellets and coffee logs. These innovative alternatives to fossil fuels are an excellent source of heat throughout the coming winter months. The burn time per log is up to 60 minutes, longer and hotter than your average wood log. Coffee logs are now available to purchase in our Garden Shop, 16 logs for £7.00.


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