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Friday, 03rd February 2017 11:31am by Petersham Nurseries

There are few plants that bring such long-lasting and magnificent floral displays into your home, though orchids have an undeserved reputation for being difficult to care for. The Nurseries is brimming with stunning varieties of Orchids and other tropical house plants. Visit us this weekend to view our full range.

They are denizens of tropical climes, often growing high up in the humid forest canopy. We can't replicate that in our homes, but careful watering, misting and feeding will keep them happy and flowering for months at a time. After the last blooms have fallen, they deserve a rest in a cooler, position, with less water for a few weeks before bringing them back out into your favourite position to persuade them back into flower. Some orchids will even appreciate a summer holiday in your garden where they will plump up ready to flower again in the autumn.
True, they look like divas but they need not be difficult house guests and should become much loved and treasured possessions. Our experts are on hand to talk you through the varieties we stock here as well as give you more in depth advice on how to care for them. We also stock Orchid misters and feed will aid you in your Orchid endeavours. 
Gather Orchid Inspiration at the Kew Garden Orchid Festival from the 4th of February, through to the 5th of March.

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