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Grow Your Own Cut Flower Patch With Georgie Newbery

Friday, 10th February 2017 04:27pm by Petersham Nurseries

A patch of flowers grown especially for cutting is not only beautiful in the garden, but gives you a summer long supply of full vases in the house and posies to give to friends. And to create a cut flower patch you need surprisingly little space, fewer plants than you might think, and no more experience than enthusiasm.

Cut Flowers

My name is Georgie Newbery, and I'm a flower farmer and florist based at Common Farm Flowers, near Bruton in Somerset, and I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience at Petersham Nurseries on the 21st of March. Click here to buy. 

We teach lots of workshops at our little flower farm, but I love to take my workshops on tour, and to be invited to the gorgeous Petersham Nurseries is such a compliment. I’m really looking forward to showing people with probably smaller town gardens how much can be grown in quite a modest area. 

We’ll be looking at how much space you need, how to look after the earth you grow in, how to feed the earth and your plants, and then we’ll be sowing a little cut flower patch that you can take home with you. Imagine: a tray of seeds sown in a space no bigger than a piece of A4 paper - no need for a greenhouse - and soon, after following clear, and not time-consuming instructions, you’ll have your own patch of flowers for cutting.

We’ll be sowing country cottage garden classics, the sorts of flowers your local high-street florist might not stock: flowers like lacy ammi magus, cornflowers, clary sage, and sweet scented sweet peas. You’ll take home this whole cut flower patch ready to sprout, and lots of confidence to plan your cut flower patch for constant production all season long, tips for making flower food and earth food, and lots of information about cutting, and looking after your cut flowers so they look beautiful in the vase.

So do come along and join me. It’ll be a great fun day in the gorgeous surroundings of Petersham Nurseries, and they’ve promised us lunch in Petersham Nurseries Cafe, as well as other refreshments throughout the day to keep our energy levels bouncing through the day. 

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