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Evergreen Shrubs

Friday, 11th November 2016 03:28pm by Charlotte Senn

November is marching on a pace but there is still plenty of colour and interest in the Nurseries, for seasonal containers and gardens alike.

Evergreen plants come to the fore, providing structure for many years to come. Here is a short list of a number of our favourite evergreens on offer now.

- A selection of evergreen Topiaries, in a variety of sizes and heights that will create pivotal accents, focal points and beautiful features for containers in the season ahead. Fragrant myrtle, olive, bay, box and of course dark green holly with bright red berries.

- Skimmia Kew Green- pale panicles of tightly closed buds, slowly open to reveal creamy white clusters of flowers. Skimmia Rubella has bronzy red buds opening to the palest pink.

- Pittosporums in rich green or liquorice

- Rosemary for fragrance, structure and for the kitchen of course.

- Viburnum Tinus is just coming into flower for a vibrant display lasting for many months followed by a fine display of blue/black berries.

- Hebes for compact architectural evergreen structure in the borders and winter containers.

- Pierus Forest Flame itself is just hinting at the flowers to come, although the real drama will be in the emerging spring foliage.

- Silver accents with Convolvulus Cneorum (still with white trumpet flowers), Cineraria Lamium and Santolina.

- The promise of huge fragrance in the depths of winter with large and small specimens of Sarcococca and Daphne Odora Aureomarginata. Make sure they are placed somewhere you can appreciate the scent.

- Trailing Vinca Minor with periwinkle flowers in white, blue, purple and double forms too will liven up the even the shadiest corners of your garden and even difficult dry spots.

- Heathers, tough pretty things in shades of white, pink and red will cope with the worst of the winter weather with a long-lasting display that the pollinators will love.

- Pineapple scented potted Christmas trees (I kid you not) Picea Glauca presage the festive season ahead.



As do the Christmas Roses, Helleborus Niger and the toothed-leaved Helleborus Argutifolius

Combined with flowering accents of Viola and Cyclamen and many pretty companion plants – and all of these evergreens can find a home in seasonal containers before finding a permanent position in the garden next year and playing their part in creating year-round structure, colour and interest for years to come.

By Martin Ogden

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