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Autumn Squash Tagine with Cobnuts, Damsons & Chard

Monday, 17th October 2016 01:34pm by Charlotte Senn

As the weather gets colder we are embracing the change in season in the way that we eat. This hearty recipe created by our Head Chef, Damian Clisby was inspired by the delicious organic squash supplied to us by Haye Farm, Devon.  



1 x autumn squash

1 tsp ground cumin

1cm piece of ginger (paste)

½ tsp sweet paprika

1 pinch of saffron

1 cinnamon stick

6 cloves garlic (paste)

6 shallots, peeled & quartered

1 preserved lemon

2 ltr squash stock

Olive oil


Cut the squash into wedges and use the seeds and skin to make the stock.

Marinade the squash in the cumin, saffron and paprika.

In a heavy base pan on a medium heat brown off the squash until golden take out onto a tray.

Add the garlic, ginger and shallots to the pan and sweat off for two minutes followed by the lemon and cinnamon then add the squash back to the pan and cover with the stock, bring to the boil then simmer until tender.

When cooked fold in the damsons and then serve topped with toasted cobnuts and steamed chard.

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